Glow In The Dark Stars For Ceiling

Published: 08th July 2010
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You may remember having those glow in the dark stickers stuck on your bedroom ceiling as a child. They were ok but they looked ugly during the day, they didn't glow very brightly and they made a mess of your ceiling if you removed them.

There is now a far superior alternative called a Glow In The Dark Stars Ceiling which is fun to create, is invisible during the day, looks incredible at night and doesn't impact on your existing decor.

What's more kids are absolutely astounded and amazed when they see one for the first time.

Creating a Glow In The Dark Stars Ceiling is simple once you have been shown the principles. You can be creating ceilings complete with stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, shooting stars......etc. after just a few hours of practicing.

Using some simple materials and items of equipment, most of which you will have at home already, and using a small UV light you will soon be creating amazing effects on a ceiling or wall. The best ceiling to work on is either a plastered or artexed surface that has been painted white. It doesn't matter if wallpaper has been applied as the paints will stick to pretty much any material.

A white surface is preferred as the paints will dry to a white/off white colour and will therefore blend into the ceiling and be practically invisible during the daytime. It is a common misconception that a ceiling has to be painted black before creating a Glow In The Dark Stars Ceiling. If you take a look at your bedroom ceiling tonight once the room is in darkness you will see that it appears to be black anyway even though it has probably been painted bright white.

A flat surface is ideal but again it won't stop you from completing a Glow In The Dark Stars Ceiling if the ceiling is patterned/textured. In fact in most cases it can help to improve the finished result because by using the high/low spots within the texture you can create the illusion of depth and distance i.e. some stars will appear to be much farther away than others.

Once you have prepared your room you can start to create your masterpiece. When I am doing a ceiling I have music on in the background. It is a great way to earn a good income. I am carrying out something that is enjoyable whilst listening to my favourite radio station or CD without a boss breathing down my neck.

Once I am done I clear everything away and prepare the room for the 'Unveiling.'

This will usually involve asking the customer to lie down on the floor or the bed. I'll ask them to close their eyes for 30 seconds and then open them to view the completed ceiling.

I will then get the normal reaction - WOW!

One more satisfied customer. Excellent earnings for 2/3 hours work and hopefully a few additional jobs will result after the customer has shown it off to their friends and family.

A Glow In The Dark Stars Ceilings business really is 'Out of this World'!

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